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Rider Shield 360

Ride Vision 2 Pro

Ride Vision 2 Pro

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This bundle includes wired LED indicators that mount on the top of your existing mirrors.

Advanced Rider Assistant System for Motorbikes. The only commercial available solution with 360-enhanced safety alerts— saving you valuable seconds to prevent an accident.

Ride Vision is a sophisticated system, built specifically for motorbike maneuverability, calculates your trajectory with vehicles on the road, and will only alert when needed. Ride Vision is built to help and aid—not to disturb your focus.

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  • Adds four safety alerts and various features:

    • Blind Spot Alerts
    • Dangerous Overtake Alerts
    • Distance Keeping Alerts
    • Forward Collision Alerts
    • Automatic video recording
    • Video lock (accident)
    • Bluetooth sync
    • Video preview in App
    • Auto-synchronization of trips
    • Super-fast ride synchronization
  • What's included:

    • Wide-Angle HD cameras (front & rear)
    • Pair of LED indicators (left & right)
    • Control unit
    • Speed Sensor
    • GPS Sensor
    • Connection cable
    • Extension Cable
    • Current Tester
    • System Calibration Measuring Tool
    • Mounting material
  • Blind Spot Alert

    Alerts with constant yellow LED light from the relevant side mirror, only above 20kph (12mph) when somebody enters your blind area or slowly overtakes you.

  • Dangerous Overtake Warning

    Alerts with constant yellow LED light from the relevant side mirror, only above 20kph (12mph) when somebody is about to overtake you with a high speed from behind.

  • Distance Keeping Alert

    Customizable alerts with constant red LED light on both mirrors, only above 50kph (31mph). Calculates a potential narrow trajectory of your bike versus the preceding vehicles. Alerts differently when approaching car, bus, truck, or motorbike—only when needed.

  • Forward Collision Warning

    Customizable alerts with blinking red LED light on both mirrors, only above 10kph (6mph). Acts similarly to Distance Keeping Alert's trajectory calculation, but calculates potential frontal collisions that require your immediate focus.

  • Auto Video Recording in Loop

    Two HD cameras allow you to automatically loop record 3 hours of video from front and back cameras on your ride and saves in the unit so new footage overrides the older. Recording your rides is easy and available as an option via the Ride Vision Pro App.

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