About us

Rider Shield 360 was born out of a deeply personal passion and a commitment to enhancing rider safety awareness within the motorcycle community. For me, riding isn't just a pastime; it's a way of life, a cherished hobby, and a true passion. My journey to establishing this company was shaped by a life-altering event – a devastating motorcycle accident that occurred due to a mere two seconds of lost awareness. This accident left a profound impact on my mobility and served as a stark reminder of how precious those moments of awareness can be.

It was my daughter who first introduced me to a groundbreaking development aimed at improving motorcycle safety- RideVision, a system designed to address precisely the awareness gap I had experienced firsthand. Without hesitation, I reached out to the Co-Founder Uri Lavi, who behind this innovative product, driven by a burning desire to contribute to its mission. My background in semiconductor equipment engineering and over the last 20 years as a G.M. for public capital equipment company in USA, coupled with extensive experience working with various automotive products, allowed me to deeply comprehend the potential of this technology. This understanding gave me the confidence to establish Rider Shield 360 and become the exclusive distributor of Ride Vision in the USA.

At Rider Shield 360, our mission is clear: to make riding safer for enthusiasts like me, for whom motorcycles are not just machines but an integral part of our lives. We are committed to promoting rider safety awareness and ensuring that no one has to endure the consequences of lost awareness like I did. Together, Rider Shield 360, with the revolutionary technology from Ride Vision, we aim to protect and empower riders across the country, making the open road a safer place for all who share our passion for two wheels.