• Affordable and easily installed on any type of motorbike

    Can be installed onto any motorcycle or scooter. All parts are IP69K certified and can sustain rain, and high-pressure water jets or high-temperature steam (for when you clean your vehicle).

  • Forward collision, dangerous overtake, blind spot, and distance-keeping alerts

    Focus on driving safe while receiving critical alerts, providing riders with valuable seconds to react and avoid danger.

  • Easily collect and analyze ride data

    Access individual ride statistics like distance, location, lean angles, speed, number of alerts fired during each ride, and more. Your personal data collected stays on your device only.

  • Reduce insurance costs

    Ask your insurance provider if added safety alerts can reduce your costs.

  • 2 wide-angle cameras

    Auto-record your ride for evidence or fun. The unit can store up to 3 hours of footage.

  • Emergency Call, Rear-Collision Alert

    Coming soon.

  • Analyzes and alerts

    A patented algorithm analyzes video footage, detects danger, and instantaneously alerts riders of collision threats in real-time

  • Keeps you safe

    Get crucial seconds to react to threats on the road and avoid potential collisions with customizable, highly visible, non-intrusive LED alerts in rider view

  • Records your ride

    Two unobtrusive wide-angle cameras mounted on the front and rear of your vehicle record your ride and transmit the footage to Ride Vision’s onboard processing unit

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